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Who you are...

You are a Service Repair Shop, Computer Repair Store, Smart Phone Repair Store, or have Multiple Locations trying to manage your service calls, repairs, inventory and customer service is important. Over time you may have become so busy that you feel overwhelmed with the tracking of the repair process, the inventory, following up with the customers and other issues. 

What your issues tend to be...

As a consequence your probably felt like you may have forgotten something, possibly distressed, low efficiency, and become tired of writing all the things down you need to do. Having a large "To Do" list the never ends. Have a system that doesn't quite fit for your needs?  Feeling disorganized and overwhelmed? Feeling like you need to change how your manage the business.

QuickBooks users stop limiting your capabilities by using an accounting software! See how you are limiting yourself by viewing this page. 

What you may need...

A way to change how you manage your business. A software system that helps you to run your business. Managing your repair orders and service calls is the core of your business. Those actions impact your customers and the ability to get new customers and solve a large percentage of your problems. There are many events that revolve around your core process of repairing a product and performing the service for the customer. Such as:

  • What is the status of the repairs?
  • Does the customer call back to complain that nobody called them on the repair status?
  • Do you have computers sitting on the bench for weeks, but nobody follows up?
  • Do you use a lot paper notes for your repairs?
  • Do you have to motivate your techs to work faster?
  • Do you feel that you're making just enough money to pay the salary for your techs?

How MaNova can help...

Knowing the answers to these questions and having a process to manage these items are crucial to solving your business problems while offering a solution that reduces effort and will increase your productivity. You gain value as you business becomes more efficient and grows, you will begin to see that you can manage your business rather then the business managing you. 

How we can help you...

The MaNova product and the processes built into the product come from the experience of working in a repair store and managing multiple repair stores.  Hence, the MaNova system was built from the "inside-out" and is geared for the technician, manager and business owner of a repair store to manage the store efficiently and effectively. MaNova creates value by:

See how the MaNova system can provide a return on your investment by using the Future Star Software ROI Worksheet

What is MaNova? Watch a video.

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Comparing the MaNova system to QuickBooks is like comparing a Lamborghini to a Pinto – there is no comparison!  We didn’t notice what we were missing until we made the change.  We needed something that would keep track of the entire repair process and manage our inventory efficiently and effectively.  We found this with MaNova.  We went from using paper service orders to going almost completely paperless in under a week!

Ryan Hardee,  a-i Computer Solutions

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Software is a tool to help manage the business, and should not be a burden to use. See how easy MaNova is to use.


Streamline your business process with the MaNova features like Auto Call and Priority List to free up time from repetitive work..


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Every business is different because the way people manage it is different. We provide flexibility and adaptability while making it as simple as possible.