Comparing the MaNova system to QuickBooks is like comparing a Lamborghini to a Pinto – there is no comparison!  We didn’t notice what we were missing until we made the change.  We needed something that would keep track of the entire repair process and manage our inventory efficiently and effectively.  We found this with MaNova.  We went from using paper service orders to going almost completely paperless in under a week!

Ryan Hardee,  a-i Computer Solutions

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How to hide profit and cost?

If you show your screen to your customers often and don't want them to see the cost and profit values, there is new options for that, check this link for detail:



Online repair status query interface

If your website support iFrame and you'd like to provide an interface for client to check their repair status and balance, please contact support@futurestarsoftware.com for detail.

Forte Payment gateway updates

If you received an email about forte network upgrade in November 8, our integration is not affected by this update. You may be experiencing down time during their upgrade window, but the service should be restored automatically after the upgrade.

Please contact support@futurestarsoftware.com if any question.

MaNova client is Windows 10 ready

Windows 10 has arrived finally, MaNova client runs under 10 without any change. If there is any issue with the new system, please contact support at support@futurestarsoftware.com

10 Years of MaNova

The first version of MaNova system was designed in 2004 and released in early 2005. It doesn't have the name "MaNova" until version 3, we just called it "CCC System" internally since it was for Chicago Computer Club. Many people have asked where the name "MaNova" from and what it means. We tried the name "Nova" first since it's the brightest star in the universe, but "Nova" was already being used by many companies. "MaNova" is the combination of word "Management" and "Nova", which means a super nova of all management systems.

SSLv3 Retirement Notice From Forte Payment Gateway

Our payment integration system provider Forte(Payment Gateway) has sent out notice recently, which it is about ending support for SSLv3 on 11/17/2014. Our integration with Forte is secure and not affected by this update. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@futurestarsoftware.com.

Customize Your Future Star Software MaNova Systems

There are a lot of parameters in MaNova system which help you to customize the system the way you wanted. The intention is to make the system easy to use, most of the parameters will work with their default values. However, each business runs differently, sometime you do need change one or more parameters to fit your business needs. For example, you want to make the email required when create a new customer, or you want to print two check-in forms by default when create a repair ticket.

Besides the parameters, you can customize the system even further, includes:

Contract/Recurring Billing module is available now!

The contract module is designed for subscription type of services. It generates invoices automatically based on billing schedule. If the Payment Gateway integration were turned on, Auto-Pay service can be setup to charge client credit card automatically.

Futher more, combining with Email Connector and Ticketing module, it's possilbe to offer managed type service. Take a look of a page of Chicago Computer Club's here to see a real world example.

Report customization is available

MaNova has a very powerful report system which allows adding customized report. We have provided a lot reports for your daily business needs, however, if you need generate more reports for your business, please feel free and contact us at support@futurestarsoftware.com.

If the report is general and useful for all other users, there will be no charge. However, if the report is specific for your business only, there maybe a little charge for our time cost. (usually $60 each report).

Special Discount for D7 Computer Repair Tool for Future Star Users

Using coupon code "futurestar", get 20% off the D7 software for the first 6 months of use


One client referred this tool, I haven't tested it by myself. The soft origins from the D7 repair tool, it's now called TechWARU(Windows Automated Repair Utility).

Using your thermal printer for receipts

The default receipt in MaNova is letter size. One of our clients has been able to customize the receipt to fit their EPSON thermal printer. If you switched from a POS system and it's very possible to keep using your thermal printer. Send email to support@futurestarsoftware.com if you need help.

We don't limit user sessions

A lot systems put limit for which one user can only have one login session, in MaNova, we don't limit sessions, which means you can have as many session as you want, wherever you want. Even in same computer, you can have multiple separate instances of the logins, even for same user.

What you can do with invoice and tag customization?

We have brought a great feature to the users in recent updates, which allows you to customize the invoices and tags by yourself. The default print format works well for most users, however, we have to play safe for the fonts and layouts for the compatible issue. With the new cutomization ability, you can create your own style, whatever you like.

Possible things you can do with this new feature:

"Diagnosis Form" has been renamed to "Check-In Form"

Since most users use it for check-in purpose.

Using "ETA" and "Assign To" for in-store repairs

We just added two new fields called "ETA" and "Assign To" in recent release. In our practices, we don't set ETA for services, and we server in a first come first server order; we don't assign a repair to a technician either, and the techs can work on any unfinished repairs on the bench.

However, these are just our practices. We have discovered that a lot repair shops who like manage their repairs by using an ETA time and also assign repairs to the techs. That's why we added the two new fields.

Inventory Monitor is Now Available

This is a great feature in our old 2.0 version, and we just made it available in current version. With inventory monitor, you can get accurate report about what you need order and what you need tranfer.

Not like a lot other systems, which simply set a reorder level for each item, we can monitor inventory level either by a single item or group of items. A lot times you carry same kind items but in different brands, and you consider them as same when reorder, monitoring them in group is making more sense in this kind of situation.

You could find more detail here:

Cash Drawer Integeration

We have added Cash Drawer Integeration in recent update, it opens the cash drawer inside MaNova program.

See detail below:



Integrated Merchant Payment Services for Credit Card Payment

We have finished the merchant payment services integration in the latest update. You can now accept credit card right inside MaNova program.

Click the link below to find more detail:

A Testimonial from Richard Barteck, the Owner of Ottawa PC Repair Center LLC

I have been in the computer business for over 17 years and have owned my own store for over 11 years. Over these years I have tried or looked at just about every kind of software on the market or so it seems. I have found so many programs that say their software works great for computer stores. Well some do and some don’t. The programs I have either purchased, or tried were way too expensive for me or they were just developing the software and didn’t have all the features that I needed.

Are you collecting signature when customer check in devices?

We used to collect signature for every device we received, and nobody never questioned why we were doing that.  After years we collected tons of receipts with signatures. Then we decided to stop doing that, why? Because we found it was useless. It's just like when you sign up some kinds of online services, I guess you never read the Terms and Conditions. Your customers do the same thing, they don't read what you put on the receipt. Even you put on "You have to marry me to get the service", they will sign it happily.