Comparing the MaNova system to QuickBooks is like comparing a Lamborghini to a Pinto – there is no comparison!  We didn’t notice what we were missing until we made the change.  We needed something that would keep track of the entire repair process and manage our inventory efficiently and effectively.  We found this with MaNova.  We went from using paper service orders to going almost completely paperless in under a week!

Ryan Hardee,  a-i Computer Solutions

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Are you collecting signature when customer check in devices?

We used to collect signature for every device we received, and nobody never questioned why we were doing that.  After years we collected tons of receipts with signatures. Then we decided to stop doing that, why? Because we found it was useless. It's just like when you sign up some kinds of online services, I guess you never read the Terms and Conditions. Your customers do the same thing, they don't read what you put on the receipt. Even you put on "You have to marry me to get the service", they will sign it happily.

Someone says that he feels safe by collecting signature, which will protect him for potential lawsuit. We(The Chicago Computer Club) have been sued twice in last 9 years in services, I'm telling you the signature protect nothing when customer sues you. They will sue you no matter whether there was signature or not. A typical repair is small amount anyway, the worst thing is to refund the money. The real problem is the time you need spend on the lawsuit.

So to stay out of problem, the key is to provide good services and make your customer happy. You could still collect signatures if you like, but keep it in mind that it would not protect you as you think it should.