Comparing the MaNova system to QuickBooks is like comparing a Lamborghini to a Pinto – there is no comparison!  We didn’t notice what we were missing until we made the change.  We needed something that would keep track of the entire repair process and manage our inventory efficiently and effectively.  We found this with MaNova.  We went from using paper service orders to going almost completely paperless in under a week!

Ryan Hardee,  a-i Computer Solutions

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Why Most Small Business Don't Work and What to do About It.... by Michael Gerber

We have had many discussions here at Future Star Software and have found the reading of Michael E. Gerber an interesting topic of dicussion and we would like to share some our readings and see what you think. Below is a title summary from Summaries.com about the book  "The E-Myth Revisited". 

How to Buy Software

Click on this link for a PDF of the Road Map:    How to Buy Software

Mobile POS?


Nearly two thirds of retailers considering mobile EPoS
June 27, 2012 -


Increase store traffic and improve your business image...


Increase retail store traffic and improve your business image 

By : Jeff Haefner

A surprisingly simple way to increase sales is to continue branding your retail business at the point of sale. Let me explain...

Customers let down by outdated IT systems....

I found this article on the Internet as I was looking at Retail Technology magazine... I thought it was interesting. See for yourself.

Customers let down by outdated IT systems

Listen to what Motorola says....

According to a Motorola White Paper, they believe this....

The next revolution in retailing doesn’t require the 

birth of new technology — but the application of 

today’s technology in new ways.

the creation of dynamic shopping pathways inside 

and outside the store to meet the needs of the 

new connected consumer. Now, consumers can 

be reached in new ways — ways that offer more 

convenience for today’s harried customer while