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Comparing the MaNova system to QuickBooks is like comparing a Lamborghini to a Pinto – there is no comparison!  We didn’t notice what we were missing until we made the change.  We needed something that would keep track of the entire repair process and manage our inventory efficiently and effectively.  We found this with MaNova.  We went from using paper service orders to going almost completely paperless in under a week!

Ryan Hardee,  a-i Computer Solutions

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MaNova System

The MaNova system is a business management system used to manage the daily operations of a repair shop including inventories, customer sales, repair process, personnel as well as many other functions for the retail repair store. 

We designed the MaNova software for computer stores so that an employee who inspects a computer brought in by a customer can leave notes about the system for the actual computer repair person to follow by. Anytime the computer is inspected, that inspector can be required to note the event in the system to provide an updated review. Anyone that checks out the computer from that point will know what problems have been found and by whom, providing a audit trail for the manager to see. Also, managers can track the status of each repair and specially see what tasks were completed  to assure the completion of the repair, and view which employee worked on the project. This helps to monitor employee involvement in the repair process.

For the store that constantly rotates inventories and personnel shifts, having a the MaNova system easily provides information so that everyone knows what they're to do, what items are in the store, and where to find the items in the store creating a more efficient workflow and management review system. 

For those who use QuickBooks, we now have an interface to the QuickBooks system to assist in the daily management of your  financial reporting. See the last entry in our feature matrix below.

To see screenshots of that feature click on "See Screenshots" in brackets, and then click on the image to enlarge the picture. To see the feature table as a PDF click here. 

Category Origination Features and Benefits
Customer Management

The company has some employees where spelling has been difficult for them when entering a customer's name, therefore a self-entry form is available.  Since, some Accounting Software does not support searching by phone number, what is the easiest way to find a customer...

[See Screenshots]

  • Quick and easy search by customer name, phone number, email, mailing address, company name, service number.
  • Manage customers easily with centralize database and viewing of history of customer.
  • New customers self-service entry forms to obtain more accurate customer information and eliminate misspellings and incorrect information
  • Single screen of all customer information and history. 
  • Combine duplicate customer records into a single record without loss of data
Technician Management

Do you know how important a commission plan can be for the company? Before the Chicago Computer Club had a commission plan, the average service time was about 3 to 5 days. During the busiest season, we had to arrange 3 techs in some stores, and work 6 days a week. After CCC implemented the commission plan, the average service time was decreased to 1 or 2 days, and techs only needed to work 5 days a week. Saving the company...

[See Screenshots]

  • Dramatically increase the technicians efficiency while creating better cooperation between technicians through the break-down process and associated commission planning
  • Create commission payment by actual work performed for each step rather than whole service payment
  • Offer the ability to track technicians either in the store or schedule work remotely (on-site) at a customer site.
  • Create technician  work schedule
  • View technicians' attendance and work performed on each shift
  • Save time and improve customer relationships
Service Management

For business management, there are two important goals: one is automation, another is build the process into system.

[See Screenshots]

  • Manage the services more efficiently by type of classification, e.g. Case, Sales, Layaway and Remote or On-site service. etc
  • Create different types of actions to perform
  • View status of repairs by classification type
  • Follow up services can be automated with Auto Call system, e.g. calling customer when repair is complete
  • Create unique tags for all the serviced devices
  • Create a layaway plan
Repair Process Management

Imagine you have 10 computers waiting for repair, which one you should work on first? If you are running a commission plan, what if someone received the  computer first, but was fixed by another technician, how do you divide the commission for them?

[See Screenshots]

  • View the status of each repair process by predefined steps
  • Improve efficiency by utilizing a priority list system, which measures each repair by a point system - unique to the MaNova System
  • Provide better customer service through MaNova enhanced priority list system

Work Order


Imagine that you have a trade-in laptop with broken hard drive. It will need to be fixed and will use the parts from your inventory. It's  a internal work order which is similar to a service order for a customer

[See Screenshots]

  • Accurate Inventory
  • Reduce Waste
Cost Tracking

We have seen so many applications that track the cost by whatever you input into the cost field, or to rely on accounting software to calculate the cost . How can you get the actual "Cost of Good Sold" by arbitrary input rather than by actual cost on purchase order?

[See Screenshots]

  • Sales assistance with decisions
  • Accurate reporting for accounting
  • Determine precise cost of each transaction based on purchase price

Purchase Order Management

Have you ever received a package, but you can't find  which service you ordered?

[See Screenshots]

  • Create purchase orders in the system and manage activity of order
  • Schedule and assign inventory at date of purchase order
  • Manage when and where receiving of order
  • Complete vendor management system
  • Complete RMA system included
Inventory Management

Everybody knows that keep an accurate inventory is very important, the problem is how easy is it to do. If it cost too much, you might think it's not worth to do it.

[See Screenshots]

  • Track all inventory pieces by store location
  • Minimize inventory holdings
  • Eliminate shortage between stores
  • View inventory by the quantity at all locations in a single screen
  • Inventory suggestion system to determine amount of order or transfer to another store
  • Transfer request and reply system between stores
  • Transfer reminder for non-inventory items
Multiple Location Support

The company opened second store. By using an Accounting Software,we have no choice but to keep separate databases for each store...

[See Screenshots]

  • Central database provides single location to keep all information
  • Grow your business with new locations and view information in the central database
  • Provide better customer service by accepting payments and product returns at any location
  • Manage inventory more efficiently and view by location
  • Transfer inventory between locations and view the actual transfer information
TAPI Telephone Support

How many phone calls you received each day? How many times you ask the customer for their phone number? How many times you have to dial the key pad to make a call?

[See Screenshots]


  • Identify caller via the caller-ID system
  • Make phone calls inside system
Auto Call Features

How many times did you call the customer with the same routine message, "dear _______, your computer is ready and the balance is _____" . I used to call 30 customers to remind them to pickup their computer, I thought I would finish in one day, but it turned out I could only finish 5 that morning....

[See Screenshots]

  • Improve efficiency of the technician and help desk by providing automated call back feature for the customer
  • Provide customer support via Skype if needed.
  • Utilize service automation system
Customer Referral Program

Referral is the most cheap and effective way to get new customers for local stores.

[See Screenshots]

  • A program to generate new customers
  • Increase current customer sales size 
  • Print a referral code on every receipt
  • Print a coupon on each receipt or invoice
  • Remind the old customer by auto call system or via email
Communication - Internal and External

Providing multiple ways to communicate with personnel and customers.

  • Easy communication
  • Service automation
  • Task Schedule for future or recurring task
  • Email Templates
  • eFax
  • Easy SMTP setup
  • Notice and reminder system
Cash Management

If you have couple of technicians in the store, how do you know if they won't take cash from the drawer? If you're short money, how do you know what happened and by whom?

[See Screenshots]

  • Cash Drawer Management
  • Terminal Transaction Verification
Report System

All business needs reporting to make business decisions.

[See Screenshots]

  • Print any report by category or type
  • Generate multiple reports
  • Analyze data by various criteria
  • Customized reporting
Quickbooks Integration

Import your customer, vendor and inventory from csv files or Quickbooks. Export your financial data to Quickbooks for accounting purposes.

[See Screenshots]

  • Keep  your current system 
  • Maintain your financial system for the accountant

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