Comparing the MaNova system to QuickBooks is like comparing a Lamborghini to a Pinto – there is no comparison!  We didn’t notice what we were missing until we made the change.  We needed something that would keep track of the entire repair process and manage our inventory efficiently and effectively.  We found this with MaNova.  We went from using paper service orders to going almost completely paperless in under a week!

Ryan Hardee,  a-i Computer Solutions

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Mobile POS?


Nearly two thirds of retailers considering mobile EPoS
June 27, 2012 -


Cybertill's recent customer survey found that 59% of retailers were considering rolling out mobile EPoS in their stores over the next 12 months. The types of retailers interested in rolling out the technology were wide and varied, they included: sports, furniture, charity, fashion, footwear and cycles.
Retailers' confidence levels are high and many are positive about the future with 54% of respondents replying that they are 'very confident' about the next year. Only 9% of respondents stated they were 'not very confident' and all the responses for the latter cited the economy and the cost of living as the reason for this.
Central themes driving the high confidence that resonated across the responses included: ecommerce driving growth, providing excellent customer service and operating in retail sectors that were thriving. Such sectors included charity retail and cycle retail. When asked if the Olympics would affect their business, 54% of respondents replied it would have none or minimal effect on their business. The 19% that said it would increase sales were predominately either based in the London area or sold sporting goods.
Ian Tomlinson, CEO of Cybertill, commented: "It was interesting that 59% of customers are thinking about mobile EPoS. I believe mobile EPoS systems are a great tool for added customer service, but I also believe that mobile PoS should be deployed to add value and not just as an expensive gimmick. However, I think when this question is asked in twelve months' time, mobile PoS will have gained greater traction in the retail environment and be a proven solution that more retailers will be looking to deploy across their business."
Cybertill surveyed their customers, in excess of 600 retailers nationwide, throughout May and June 2012. Tomlinson continued: "The results from the survey are a fillip for retail but also highlight that there are businesses doing well and that are confident despite the on-going negativity surrounding the economy. It was refreshing that there were a variety of reasons for the confidence. It also highlighted that if retailers do the simple things well - excellent customer service, backed by knowledgeable and well trained staff - they can thrive in this environment."